Holly Halabicky

I grew up in Davison, Michigan. I was a teacher and administrator for Davison Community Schools for 30 years so I am brand new to the insurance industry.  However, because of our family experiences, I have seen the benefits of insurance, good coverage, and excellent service firsthand! I’m very excited to join my husband, Doug, at the agency because I enjoy helping people and I am looking forward to becoming part of the community.

I love to dance and teach dance; working with children and teens is something I cannot get enough of! When I’m not working at the agency, you can usually find me at my dance studio teaching classes. I am a volunteer for Kids Hope through our church and local elementary.  I am passionate about helping children and teens; especially those who need a champion.  I am currently working with two non-profits, Prism Project Michigan and Ireland’s Dream. I also enjoy reading and watching crime mysteries.